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Welcome to CRISS

Due to upcoming exams, Campus Computing Sites is currently observing a Software Freeze. This starts April 13th and lasts till April 27th.

Software requests received during this time will be processed, however the software will not be pushed live until the next available deployment date; 29th for Main Campus, 1st for Taubman Health Sciences Library.

Requests that include dates in the fall term (starting 9/5) have been marked "Problem." The 2017 Fall term schedule has not yet been finalized, we anticipate it arriving late July or early August. Once that schedule has been received all outstanding requests will be addressed in the order they were submitted.

Please keep in mind, academic needs supersede other reuqests.


Campus Computing Sites Team

Welcome to the Classroom Reservation & Instructional Software Submission (CRISS) system for Campus Computing Sites. This system consolidates a number of Campus Computing Sites instructional services and resources into one easy to access place. Depending on your service needs and University or Academic affiliation, a fee may be assessed. These services and resources include:


Classroom Reservations, Course Software Submissions, Personal Profile Maintenance: Select the service option above.


Fees, Environment Information, Classroom Handbook: Use the links along the side menu to view this additional information.


Step-by-step Help is available from all screens. The Help is located in the upper right-hand corner, along with the other service options.